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Epidural injections

Started by puremcdowell56 on 05/17/2018 7:27pm

Two weeks ago I had EI. For two days I had mild pain but now it's back with a ferocity why didn't the shots work? DX degenerative disc disease with spinal stenosis anyone else have got the shots but didn't get much relief?

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Hi. I had EI too but no pain relief. In my opinion going to the pool and walking in the water can be useful.


Hi! Yes, the same with me, except I never did get any relief from the injection. As I understand it, many people don’t. They told me that before the procedure. Check with your doc to see what to try next. Best wishes!


My back issues began in 2011 I had my first ei it didn't really do much but the doc seemed to be huntin for the right spot since I have multilevel forminial stenosis along with disc bulges so I had another ei but when he put the needle in I felt it down my right leg and it lasted about 3 months no pain , the 3rd nothing more pain more pills I switched clinics and docs and this doc did something. Different my right leg had bagan bothering me and I was limping but Dr window said he would givive me an ei but put the medicine above where I had troubles and the medicine steroids would trickle down as I walk towards where it needed to go and I be damned it worked I quit limping my leg quit burning lasted 5 months and I went back and they said I could get another shot or try to get comfortable with pain meds , here I sit 3 years later last MRI says I'm worse than last exam still in pain taking meds but docs told me gov fixing to make him stop writing pill prescriptions and that I'd have to see pain specialist again its a horrible vicious circle my friend.
1. Mild spinal canal stenosis at L2-L3 and L3-L4.
2. Multilevel foraminal stenosis, which is most prominent on the right
L2-L3 and L3-L4 and on the left at L4-L5.