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PTSD from C2-T3 fusion surgery hospital stay

Started by Sheriaowen on 01/12/2020 7:05pm

I am the founder of C.O.R.E., a chronic pain community support & advocacy group on Facebook and Twitter as well. Having been treated with the pain medication regime Fentanyl successfully for eight years following multiple lackluster spinal surgeries, I knew I had to do something to fight for my rights, and the rights for many other chronic pain patients who had successfully been treated with Fentanyl, only to have it yanked away like a cruel, torturous joke.
Having suffered chronic debilitating pain from degenerative disc disease for ten years {since I was 34 years old}, I slowly had to succumb to my back pain and get treated with pain medication and close my successful business and file for disability. Accepting all of the above was undoubtedly very stressful and took great strength to accept, however it simply paled in comparison to what took place during my hospitalization stay while having my 5th spine surgery. The physical, emotional, and mental pain and suffering I worry may never go away, or at the very least, allow me to ever seek treatment from another hospital or urgent care center ever again.

Question: Has anyone here ever been medically diagnosed with PTSD following a very real, and abundantly clear case of abuse and medical neglect/negligence? And, if so, was the hospital stay one in which brought you mistrust amongst the medical community at large, leaving you in a position where you will refuse to ever be treated at a hospital or urgent care facility ever again?

Also … if you, too, suffer with chronic pain, I invite you to visit our very supportive community @

Can not get properly treated for your pain?
Let the world know that you count!

Kind Regards,
Sheri Owen,
St Louis, Missouri
{a pain patient, advocate, & steadfast warrior for the chronic pain community at large}

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