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toe and leg cramps

Started by ConnieV on 11/09/2020 8:47pm

I have had 2 surgeries and have fusion with instrumentation L2 - L5 for severe degen disc disease and spondylolisthesis. I still have radiculopathy but what is worst is muscle cramps. If I lie on my back or lean back in a chair or stand for too long, my left big toe dorsiflexes painfully. Or the outside muscles of my left leg. Or the adductor muscles in left or both thighs. Causes? Treatments that help?

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I have had many cervical and lumbar surgeries due to two accidents that left me with lasting problems. One of the things that is most painful is severe cramping in my foot, toes and sometimes my hands. I have had it for years. Muscle relaxers don’t really help much, either. I think it’s from irritated overreacting nerves? This is a weird thing that I was skeptical of, but has actually helped me. It’s called Hyland’s Leg Cramps. Many places sell it, but the cream doesn’t help me only the pills. They are naturopathic which isn’t something I believed would work, but when my cramps are really bad it honestly does- you can check reviews maybe on Amazon? I also have had some relief with Duragesic Gel, for sore muscles, which you can now buy without a prescription , Costco has good price. None of that solves the problem. I have also found that I have periods where my cramps definitely improve. I hope that happens for you, because they are awful. Good luck.