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Ask the Community about Pain Management

Raylene99's picture

Scheuermanns keyphosis with hemangioma

Started by Raylene99 on 03/31/2016 6:43pm
10208133152798910@facebook's picture

ALIF L4-S1 4 weeks ago

Started by 102081331527989... on 03/31/2016 1:43pm
cwillylast0's picture

Jumping in ... Or hobbling forward

Started by cwillylast0 on 03/28/2016 11:23pm
atwister's picture

Back pain

Started by atwister on 03/13/2016 7:22am
haleyannan's picture

Second ESI worth trying?

Started by haleyannan on 03/04/2016 2:02pm
Renee64's picture

RFA with no anesthetic

Started by Renee64 on 03/08/2016 8:41pm
Brhyan's picture

2nd post surgical infectiin

Started by Brhyan on 03/09/2016 5:55pm
100000108172538@facebook's picture

How do you deal with being fragile? (c3-7 adcf 2009, l4-5 l5-s1 af 2013)

Started by 100000108172538... on 03/04/2016 2:57pm
851263948317851@facebook's picture

Pain for the rest of my life?

Started by 851263948317851... on 03/06/2016 4:21am
becc1183's picture

Severe pain (cervical?) but imaging shows nothing

Started by becc1183 on 03/05/2016 11:42pm
crosbyco's picture

cervical spinal stenosis titanium surgery failure

Started by crosbyco on 02/27/2016 2:54pm
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498907880294874@facebook's picture

Vertigo at work hanging up broom?

Started by 498907880294874... on 02/18/2016 3:55pm
Mae_Ethan's picture

hemangioma t12 and cysts

Started by Mae_Ethan on 02/11/2016 6:36am
Zibeth's picture

Spinal reconstruction surgery

Started by Zibeth on 02/06/2016 8:43am
10206781968806042@facebook's picture

After C5-C6,C6-C7 surgery pain

Started by 102067819688060... on 01/25/2016 12:34am
10207394692259651@facebook's picture

recurring back pain

Started by 102073946922596... on 01/24/2016 11:11pm
1027840167276510@facebook's picture

Spinal stenosis in the neck

Started by 102784016727651... on 01/23/2016 5:14pm
pocono's picture

New to the site and need advice

Started by pocono on 01/15/2016 3:51pm
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