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need creative product solutions for adaptive devices

Started by little_rhino on 10/30/2010 2:16pm

Hello :)

I have ehlers danlos syndrome that has lead to a number of joint and spine issues. Currently, i am struggling with intense neck pain/weakness. The thing that sets it off the most is sitting at my computer :(
It isn't just the sitting or desk arrangement, it's how i have to hold my head and the position of my arms and shoulders. It seems to aggravate everything.

I have a speech to text program that can type basic text for me... but i find it just too clumsy to use for other functions, like things you would use a mouse for.

I am very upset because I have fought for years to create a life for myself and build a productive career. I now have my own business in web design... so you see the issue I am facing. Lately I can put in an hour or so before the pain puts me out of commission. If I don't find solutions I will lose my means of making a living.

I am determined to find a way. I refuse to give up.

I have a ergo chair/keyboard tray, keyboard, mouse etc for my desktop computer and i have a lap top. I can deal with most of the other pain and limitation issues that come up, but this neck one is really a problem. What I need is to be able to give the neck area enough rest to heal properly (to the limited degree it will) and that means sitting or laying in nontraditional positions and still being able to use the computer.

I could also use some advice on adapting my sleeping area. I have not been able to sleep on a regular flat bed surface for almost 6 years. I can sleep on a futon that isn't laid flat or a couch... and I adapt the area with memory foam and pillows to give as much "flatness" as possible so that my spine is held as it ought to be... but I need real professional advice on what I can do or where I could find products that might help. No one seems to know who you go to for expert advice on products for special sleep area/mattress requirements.

I'm wanting to keep optimistic but I am deeply frustrated and worried about losing my livelihood.

please help

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