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Rex Downham: One Man's Journey

Started by rexdownham on 02/27/2011 5:33am

I am Rex Downham. It is important for me to tell you my story while I can. Recent events have alerted me to the fact that my improvement, while miraculous, is limited. My condition is quite serious, chronic, and has altered my life incredibly.

I experienced, over this past week, what i would characterize now as a loss of brain function due to a lack of oxygen. Important to note this is a hypothesis, and in no way has been proven. I have purposefully entered this forum completely ignorant. I do this as an offering, and not because I don't know protocol.

My assertion is simple: by telling the truth here, about any and all questions I am asked, I will maybe be of value to any and all others who are suffering. I cannot think of a more valuable contribution I can make to this community, than to offer myself up to you for question.

As I study the things I should have been shown prior to my surgeries, I do so to educate myself and others. I will not be pointing fingers at individuals, but we should examine my specific case as an entry for the great 'Risk Management File' in the sky. Everything they did to and for me was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

Being told for 15+ years that holistic modalities were limited to those who could respond to them...this was wrong. As a thinker, I thought that made sense. How could anything less than 300 mg morphine/day touch my pain. I became conditioned to believe things I knew were not true, because I was told the insurance, the Travelers worker's comp. carrier, would not pay for such things. They were right to a degree about that.

It has been a struggle that a sick man is not fit for. Many of us are too sick to fight them. I propose that we stick together and fight them together. I asked for warm water and human hands and I was told repeatedly: NO. No. No! We just don't do it that way. And when asked why...she said: 'BECAUSE'.

Yep; 'because' is not just a child's reason for misbehaving, it also is policy for this insurance giant.

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