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Spinal fusion

Started by Dorline1 on 10/22/2017 9:29pm

I was injured 2 years ago restraining a youth at my detention center. Doctor finally tell me what I been saying on my injury. The discogragm showed damage to L5 and S1 they tried everything before recommending spinal fusion. This really scares me especially not knowing if I can return doing detention work where's sometimes you have to break up fights etc. This injury stop a lot of things like I can't do prolong, sitting , standing and no lifting over 10lb. I am on light duty but it's not really light duty just not on floor. All day long up and down sometimes I work 12 hours. One night I woke up and couldn't move. So can anyone tell me were they able to return back to their job especially in a risky position after spinal fusion?

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Hello, Dorline1--thank you for your excellent question. We are sorry to read about the back pain you've experienced. While we don't have a personal experience to share about spinal fusion, we have several resources that may help.

First, here is an excellent overview of spinal fusion: ( What Is Spinal Instrumentation and Spinal Fusion? ). If you move forward with this procedure, our best advice is to learn as much as you can about it.

To that end, we also recommend asking your surgeon as many questions as you can before the procedure. Here is a list of good questions to ask: ( Spine Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Doctor ). During this conversation, you should also tell your surgeon about your job and concerns he/she may have about your safe return to it.

While your conversation with your doctor is most important, this article can give you a glimpse at what the recovery process from fusion looks like: ( Recovery from Lumbar Fusion Surgery ).

And, finally, we'd like to share this article about a fire chief's recovery from spine surgery: ( Spine Surgery Success Story: Fire Chief Back at Work After Cervical Fusion ). Though it's a different procedure at a different area of the spine, we hope this story will offer some reassurance and support.

Recovery from spine surgery is an often long, difficult, and painful process. But, if you follow your doctor's recovery instructions, you have the best chance of being your own spine surgery success story. We wish you the very best!