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Posted in: Exercise, Chiropractic, and Scoliosis.

Best brace and exercise program for scoliosis

Started by szilvusa on 07/01/2011 1:52am

i have a 4 yr old son who has scoliosis because he had a tethered spinal cord, so the spine had no room to grow unfortunately this was discovered once he hit 80 degrees. his spinal cord has been detethered so he could start doing exercises (if the spinal cord is tethered exercises can be dangerous so make sure this is not the case)

what i highly recommend is an exercise program from the best source there is worldwide, which is the schroth clinic in germany. christa lehnert, the daughter of the woman who started the clinic and the schroth method is the author of the following bookhttp://www.amazon.com/Schroth-Scoliosis-Three-Dimensional-Treatment/dp/3833481382/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1309500572&sr=8-1

this book has the best exercise program for straightening and de-rotating the spine. find a schroth certified chiropractor (there are several in the USA) and begin this program! it is essential! this exercise program will build up and create balance in the muscle tone and gives the body stretching to exercise the tendons which developed too tight. also it teaches breathing techniques to inflate the weak collapsed side.

these exercise program needs to be done daily and you will have to buy or build a stall bars similar to this (they range from 400-900) just type in stall bars to google.http://www.amazon.com/Stall-Bar-Extended-Top-Rail/dp/B004I0SFMI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1309501033&sr=8-2

additionally you will need a brace, i first started out with the spinecor brace however it has many flaws. it does not do anything for the de-rotation, and cuts into the ribcage where the inflating should happen but the brace cuts in so the weak side cannot expand correctly. also the shoulder straps will pull downward so the body will have a hard time straightening since the straps push down. the material is very cheap and in the long run you will have more problems then before. the spine core might work for people with mild scoliosis maybe 20 degrees or less not for advanced or severe! the price is extremely high as well considering you will need new bands every 4 months or so (and you will be charged for those)

so what i recommend is to get your brace from the best man you can find in the USA mr. grant wood. he has a mind blowing resume with experience from the best in the business dr. rigo and dr. cheneau. he works with the rigo/cheneau/rsc braces.

this are hard braces but they take care of the de-rotation (which is SO important) and take care of the straightening without any restrains from the shoulder area. excellent braces, they might LOOK uncomfortable but my 4 year old says that he feels very comfortable in them and feel that his body is in a better position. these braces are designed to be worn day and night. of course the schroth method exercises are necessary with any brace. the body needs to strengthen so the muscles can hold the , from the brace straightened , spine. (i would also recommend lots of swimming)

here is information how to contact mr. grant wood (who by the way is an extremely nice guy)http://grantwoodortho.com/aboutus.aspx

he can be contacted at

Grant I. Wood, MS, CPO (UK).
Area Practice Manager
San Mateo, San Francisco, San Jose (Los Gatos), Oakland.

Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics
100 South Ellsworth Ave
Suite 203
San Mateo, CA

Telf 650 343 4504
Fax 650 343 4573

the braces cost around 4500 depending on growth, they will have to be adjusted or you will need new ones. with my little one i will need new ones about every 4 month at the moment.

the brace has also many colors to chose from which of course is great for the kids. my child plays and rides a bike with it, without a problem, a bit time to get used to, but he never really complained. and since the brace allows full lung expansion my son slept immediately longer and better! i am very happy with his improvement sofar. he was at about 65 degrees when we say mr wood, which was 3 months ago, and he increased in height 2 inches since than and we are ready for the next brace (i dont have x rays because i only do them once a year or less) but i keep a photo log and his body is more balance hip is in and much straighter)

PLEASE don't do surgeries or halo traction! not unless it's about life and death. halo traction is barbaric treatment and is not effective in the long run, it can cause severe problems and pain. rod implants can break and cause life long pain and the torso will stop growth. please do research on those things! they are not good treatments!

this is my personal advice. i am no doctor or a chiropractor. but i am a concerned mom who did her research and had experience. i know i want the best for my child and i am sure you want the same. so please do your research and go to the best sources! i am very blessed that i was lead to the best people in the business and i am very grateful for that. i truly wish the same for you all.

BTW the schroth clinic in germany offers an intense therapy (i think it's 8 weeks) and it does miracles. i personally cannot afford it (it cost about 7000 dollars) but if you can, please do. they also work with the rsc brace just like mr. wood.

thanks for reading and i hope my recommendation will help you or your loved ones. to me, these people are the best in the business and know what they are doing.

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I have an appointment with Scoliosis Care Centers in CA this week and am looking forward to it and quite nervous, do you know anything about them? Thank you so much, I am new to this whole thing and honestly, I hoped that I could just deal with it but NOPE, the pain has gotten worse. Thank you.