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Is Hip Pain Because of Back

Started by KateL on 11/02/2017 6:50pm

I have degenerative discs in my back . Nerves are pinched there but I don't really have pain in my back except when I stand a while. But, I have a lot of pain lately in my hips. I was wondering if it is because of my back.
All my doctor says I can dovis lise weight. of course. But my reumatologist said surgery might have to be done some day if paralysis isva posibility. Can the back problem go that far?

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Hi, KateL--thanks for your question. We're not medical professionals--and your doctor is your best source of information about whether your hip pain is related to your lower back--but we wonder if piriformis syndrome could be connected to your pain. You can read more about this condition here: ( Piriformis Syndrome ).

If you relate to several symptoms described in this article, perhaps it's worth mentioning piriformis syndrome during your next visit with your doctor.

We hope this information is helpful, and wish you the best!