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Posted in: Exercise, Neck pain, and Surgery.

C-6-7 disc replacement , anyone?

Started by bekkirodgers1 on 03/07/2019 6:42am

I had dp surgery on Monday. I have a couple questions if anyone
is in the same boat?

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13/12/11 I had c5/6 fusion with plates, rods and screws along with an artificial disc on c6/7. I was 47. All due to injury from 15 years prior, whiplash, so had many years of aggravating nerves and muscles, the migraine like pain becoming more disabling. I tried all that there is out there before going thru the surgery. My experience after is increased pain, much much more pain since the surgery. my surgeon did find that my discs had exploded with such force that slivers were embedded in my spinal cord. the damage had not shown on any MRIs or CT scans. Now I rarely have a day that I'm not having my pain and 2-3 days weekly my pain is severe enough to put me in bed and I have a very high pain tolerance. For the first two or three months after the surgery my pain was maybe less than before but as I started back to doing some normal things like walking more, laundry and dishes I started going downhill. The 5th month after surgery my surgeon did an occipital nerve decompression surgery where he found scar tissue compressing the nerve so he dissected what he could so that the nerve could be released. He put me on Gabapentin which helped for a while, now I have to be on it and muscle relaxers. 10 more months later he did another decompression surgery and found my occipital artery was wrapped around my nerve too tightly, he tried to loosen it all up and the artery cut so a clip had to be installed. This clip causes pain also since it is almost at the base of my skull and I can't rest my head on anything without putting pressure on it, which triggers my bad pain. After all these years the only way I have survived is letting go of the active me, the old lifestyle. My life has changed dramatically and there is nothing I can do to change things. Who's to say what would have happened had I not had surgery. My pain was increasing which is why I looked for and found a neurosurgeon. He told my husband immediately after the surgery that had I stepped off of a curb wrong my neck could have snapped. It was not stable but all the previous scans and tests just showed disc bulging, pressing out and degeneration. Now I'm experiencing painful crunching of my neck above the fusion with any movement. My c4 was weak before and I'm being scheduled for a new CT by a new neurosurgeon to see what is up since my pain has increased. I'm dreading the results. By being fused the area above and below that fusion gets more abuse. And my discs weren't/aren't healthy so who's to say what my future will be. I can't have MRIs any more with burning pain from the clip. Tried in 2017 and endured the burning and vibrating of the clip for as long as I could. Now having just a CT. Good luck!