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Started by misse2887 on 07/10/2019 5:15pm

Has anyone had any luck using yoga and exercise to help with pain management. I’ve had 4 neck surgeries (ACDF).
What types of workouts would you recommend? Thank you!

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If your doctor says you can, I say go for it. Allowing your muscle and joints to waste away and making your back even more stiff will only make things worse. Find the Yoga excersises that work for you and will allow you to put your body through the motions in Yoga that will keep muscle and joint atrophy at bay. It isnt a cure for what I have but it does keep me active within reason.


Hi - yes I'm post op having had c6-7 fusion and disc replacement three months ago. I've been going to a gentle yoga class once a week for the past month and have found it really beneficial. Helps with pain management and feeling nice and relaxed - would recommend.


Hi Friends,

I have been here . Those constant back and leg pains when i used to bend or stand or engage in any physical activity. It lead me to be inactive at work , with family and most importantly led me towards anxiety and depression. I understand how underconfident you get with your back after a surgery or after temporarily fixing your pain.Been there ! Luckily , A friend of mine who works in the health industry then recommended me a simple device to get rid of this pain permanently. And trust me , it worked like magic after just a single use. Hope it helps you too. You can check it out atwww.spineyogi.com . I guess they have an ongoing offer too celebrating the Healthy Spine Week. Best of luck with your recovery. Do let me know on your status. Take care guys.