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Yoga for Chronic Pain

Started by martharichard on 05/31/2021 4:31am

Chronic pain is different from acute pain as it lasts longer than acute pain. It lasts for more than 3 months. It can cause by some ongoing disease or any other health condition. Pain is an unpleasant experience. Exercise like Yoga can help can help reduce pain. Physical pain can be decreased by mild to moderate Yoga exercise. Yoga helps to increase the flow of oxygen to brain and muscle tissues which can improves our energy level and sense of well-being. Regular practice of Yoga may reduce effect of your pain and also can decrease the level of one’s suffering.
Some methods of Yoga for chronic pain-
• Any breathing exercise can be helpful.
• Yoga asana can also help you with pain relaxation. Always start with light practice.
• Any form of meditation also very helpful.
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