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metal in neck discetomy and fusion issues?

Started by temoar95 on 08/29/2018 5:36pm

i had neck surgery september 7th of last year. however i have had severe pain and issues ever since. i have tried to communicate the issues with my dr and got told after 3 months i should have been better already. i had severe nerve issues due to a herniated disc that crushed my spinal cord for about 6 months prior to surgery , which included passing out loss of mobility in my left arm and leg, loss of feeling in my hands and back. its been over a year now and i am still having these same issues after surgery, its now getting to the point where if my body tempature elevates just a little , i feel like im being branded from the inside out about where the screws and hardware is. is it possible that the metal in my neck is heating up and causing more issues? is there any suggestions on how to make the burning feeling go away , my doctors have not been helpful in any aspect of the post operation recovery, idk what else to do,.

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Not sure but I've had problems since having ACDF C5-6. Mine was October 2017. Ive had increased pain in joints. Also hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, confusion, memory loss, hot flashes. I need to get to a doctor but dont know if I should go to my regular MD, Orthopedic MD or Neurosurgeon. I just watched The Bleeding Edge on NetFlix. That was a real eye-opener. Please watch it if you can. I'm questioning having a total knee replacement. Sometimes difficult to walk and be comfortable. Cobalt and other metals can cause allergic reactions. Not sure what the screws are made of in my neck. When I learn more, I will let you know.


I'm just starting treatment of c6 c7 disc herniation injections start on the 28th. I've felt with it for about 16 yrs on top of severe cervical stenosis for longer than that. If injections don't work doc says plates and screws. I've read a lot of stories more bad than good..... SHOULD I DO THIS???