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Bulging disc on L-5 nerve root

Started by Gaida on 04/28/2019 6:01pm

I have a bulging disc that is hurting bad! It is affecting my left ankle when I walk for ten-20 minutes or less. Also have some pain in left hip. Went through injections for ankle pain but didn’t work. My neurosurgeon said he can take care of the disc problem but said I should try a trial of SCS that would get rid of both and if I liked it I could have it done instead of the disc surgery. I have been walking more and paying closer attention to my pain and my ankle hurts way more than hip or back. I have researched the SCS and I don’t think it would ever be anything I would like to do. I asked his opinion and he said he would try it but I’m going to have to tell him I’ve changed my mind. I’m sure the hospital would make lots of money off the scs and doctors also but that SCS scares me so will have surgery soon I hope. Praying the disc surgery will help my ankle pain.

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