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What should I do?!

Started by 100002284627500... on 10/16/2012 3:06am

I'm going to try and make very long story short, so bare with me... at 15 I was in car accident and had a burst fracture to my L1 and signs of beginning scoliosis from injury, and partially severed my spinal cord, which paralyzed me for 8 weeks, and my left leg never completely gained back strength. After i was released from hospital , and walking again my parents never brought me back for treatment, then I got married at 19 had first child even though I wasn't sure if I could, and I had her all natural no drugs, I was too scared to get epidural. Anyways I really never had medical insurance and ignorantly ignored my injury, (in my defense I have told doctors about it over the years but none seem concerned) so , it has been15 years since accident, and I was pregnant with twins 3 years ago, carried them to 34 weeks, and gave natural child birth to them too. I also fractured my pubic area in 3 different places in accident, so I always thought children wouldn't happen, so they are a blessing!!, but after the twins things got worse... I went to the doctor and had an x-ray done and I have been trying to find answers because I don't know how severe this is, but my the symptoms i feel are pretty horrible, and I still haven't been sent to spine doctor... just physical therapy, but I have no medical insurance, of course, and have been getting jerked around for over a year now. Anyways any input is appreciated... report said: Dextroconvex scoliosis at 16 degrees, mild-moderate retrolisthesis with subluxation from severe bicon cavity compression fracture/ or old burst fracture. something like that.. spelling might be off. How bad can this be? I know I am having lots of issues with bladder and bowels, and numbness and shooting pain, oh! and in x-ray a rib has disconnected from my spine and i laying vertical next to my crooked spine. Again any input is appreciated especially if you can tell me where to find help! I have been to E.R twice and sent home with blood pressure 144 over 135 and doctor telling me to calm down, and he can't do anything because this is an old injury and he isn't a spine dr., but I literally feel like I am being broken in half!

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Also, my parents did not follow up because they are addicts... and I kind of ignored this, because I just wanted to forget completely about my past, but the pain is soo bad that I can't run from it anymore! and my kids are suffering from this too, so I have to fix it!


Hey Jennifer,
I don't know how much advice I can give you I assume you live in the USA? I live in Canada the reason I am responding to your post is I was in a snowmobile accident 8 years ago and also ended up with L1 burst fractures T12 fracture / punctured lung etc. The surgeon put temporary hardware in my spine for 1 year to help it fuse together when he took the hardware out 13 months after my accident my vertabraes started colapasing on to one another as they were not healed as a result of that I ended up with kyphsosis (curve 40%) of my spine also it is curving to the right as well.I think my spine sounds a little like yours I also have issues with my bladder and bowels. Please press forward and find the answers you need to I can only promise you that the pain gets worse and the kyphosis will get worse I have had 3 surgeries now and will I to have more in the future. If you have any questions I will do my best to help you there are so many people on this site that are very helpful in your area that can probably give you more information on what to do as for as Dr.'s go. take care. Kim


hello you should see about getting help or insurance . you will prob have to get a mri to see whats going on with your spine and find a good ortho surgeon. good luck, I no some dont think insurance isnt important, and you should try to get some, good luck.