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cervical radial ablation

Started by Krose4 on 08/01/2018 7:51am

I had clerical radial ablation done on my right side of my neck last week and that is the side where I have all of my pain. My pain doctor has told me that I will need to have it done to the left side of my neck as well. I asked him why I need it done on my left side when I don’t have any issues at all with that side and he said that insurance will not pay for only one side. This seems a bit ridiculous to me to make a person have this procedure done when they don’t need it. Has anyone heard of this before? I really don’t want to have my left side of my neck messed with if it doesn’t need to be!!

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Hi, Krose4--thank you for your post. We think your question about the additional procedure on the left side of your neck is a very good one.

Before moving forward with the left side procedure, it may be worthwhile to call your insurance's customer service to verify your doctor's information (typically, the customer service number is located on the back of your health insurance ID card). Your insurance customer service rep can review your specific health benefits to determine if your plan says that both sides must be done.

Of course, we all want to make the right financial choices and use our health insurance benefits correctly--but it's also important to avoid potentially unnecessary medical procedures. A call to your insurance company can clear up the confusion and help point you in the right direction.