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Spinal TB resulting in Spondylolisthesis

Started by DSTodd29 on 09/02/2020 5:52am

July 2019 I lifted incorrectly and heard a loud pop followed by #10 pain on a 1-10 pain scale. Needed my wife to help me up and went straight to a clinic who sent me to a hospital here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The xrays and MRI showed fractured L-1 which healed in about 3 months . The MRI also showed Spondylolisthesis at L-5 S1 pressing on nerves and a mass or tumor along L-1to L-3.
My symptoms, beside constant pain, included night sweats from waist to toes, balance difficulties, walking problems, super frequent urination 15-20 times daily, ED, bowel problems, but no loss of feeling from toes upward.
March of this ar 2020 I went back for another MRI due to more back pain and it showed new fractures of L-2 and L-3 and a little growth of that mass. The doctors pumped bone cement into L-2 and L-3 and subsequently did an excise of the mass, concluding it to be Pott disease tuberculosis of the spine that caused the fractures. They wanted to schedule an operation to put a Titanium brace on the L5S1 Spondylolisthesis but I told them that because my wife and I are planning to relocate back to my home country in the USA, I could get in the queue for a medicare operation because we had already paid out of pocket over $16600 for the two Thai procedures and another $36000 would make things very tough for us since I am 75 , a disabled Vet and she is 62 and retired.
So my questions to any of you folks who have read this far are: 1. What are the best U.S. hospitals or back surgery clinics who put Titanium plates to try to fix the L5S1 Spondylolisthesis under Medicare? 2. How have others of you handled the same situation? 3. Do you ever recover well enough to walk more than a few minutes?
Thanks for making it to the end. My Name is David Todd and email is dstodd29@gmail.com. So feel free to offer any advice at any time.

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