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Problems after C-5 C-6 fusion

Started by Tparker356 on 12/06/2020 12:02am

Hello everyone. I recently had my c5 card fused. On the 23rd of nov. So 2 weeks ago. The first week I was doing great. Pain? Yes but manageable. The last 4 day have been excruciating. My incision site is great. Where my.neck was fused is what causing.me.problems. I am so sore. Even my.skin hurts. I'm having pain into shoulder and down to middle of upper arm. I cant lay on either side or my back. I'm literally too painful. Have some small swelling on back of neck. Nothing, including pain killers, is helping. I cant.seem to get.it to a manageable level. I feel worse now than I did the day of surgery. This is radiating to my collar bone, armpits amd up into my head. I have to walk so softly because too heavy of a step sends stabbing shock waves through my.upper body. Can anyone help? My dr doesn't seem to believe me because my "screws are in place" I've been up for 4 days now because of this horrible pain. Thanks

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