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Florida's best?

Started by 852035439@facebook on 02/27/2012 5:34pm

Im a 28 yr old male from the uk who played 'soccer' a few years back (amateur) and fell on my ass after jumping for a ball. Since then my lower back siezes up like a cloth being ringed after a day at work or running and leaves me temporarily paralised. Sudden knocks to the body can cause sharp pain. In the uk all they've done is drug me up on tremadol, meloxicam and nortryptalyne and paracetamol to help deal with it. I am over in florida early may and would love an opinion/consultation on what actually is wrong and if it can be fixed. Unless your private over here they just want to give the quick fix and you can't go private here if it's for an existing problem. Reccomendations would be appreciated.

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Hi Dean, I am sorry to hear about your accident and the pain it causes you.
I do not know what kind of insurance you might have but, if you are needing a new x-ray or are experiencing more pain then usual, I have an idea for you. Have you thought of going to a walk-in clinic and have them check it out? Not to say that you don't need a specialist but, if you are from the UK it might help you get a referral to one faster there. Just a thought.......Good luck to you!


I don't have insurance due to the NHS over here. Not that they didn't take over a year just to do an x-ray and mri, not conclude what the actual problem is and then tell me i have to take a load of tablets just to minimise the problem/pain,. The only 'walk in' I could do here would be A&E and at best id sit there for 4+ hours till I see someone who will tell me iv had x-ray & mri and they've given me 'treatment' and there's nothing more than can do. I really wish i had paid for private healthcare if i knew this was coming. Had Chiropractor, Osteopathy (which very temporarily helped) and accupunture.