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Failed fusion following MVA (motor vehicle accident) :(

Started by mel1968 on 09/21/2012 9:37am

Trying to stay positive, (Keep telling myself, this could all be worse, I could have very well been left paralysed from the accident on March 13th), That accident happened 6mths after my ACDF surgery... Been trying to finish healing since that guy rearended me, but, the fracture has caused my top fusion to fail... Sooo I officially go back in Tuesday morning, 9/25/2012, to get the plate, 8 screws, and top donor bone all taken out and redone :( Any prayers are greatly appreciated.... (Im also allergic to most of the pain meds..)
P.S.- The guy that hit me already had high risk insurance when he hit me, and than also rearended someone else from my work a couple months ago, on the same road, and also found out that he actually had to blow into a breathalizer not to long ago to even be able to start his vehicle.... Why is this guy even still being allowed to drive?? (BE VERY AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS), If I had not looked up and seen him barrelling toward me and hit the gas to get out of his way as much as I possibly could, I WOULD be dead or paralyzed right now...

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You are in my prayers now,Mel.You know you are not alone in this or any other struggle.God has been omnipresent,along with His Son & The Holy Spirit!I really do believe that without them,I would not be walking right now.I am 2 be some kind of showcase 4 the world,as this particular case is really starting 2 raise eyebrows around me,they are all asking,"How the heck is he still walking?!"You tell me,YOU are the expert,supposedly.I have done more with dietary changes & aquatherapy that I put myself on,docs were 2 busy shuffling me on 2 the next M.D.Is it that they all want 2 see me so they can charge the system their $50 fee or whatever it is,& say that THEY had a hand in my diagnosis & treatment.This family physician I have acquired seems 2 be the 1st doc 2 actually WANT 2 help me,even if he doesn't have the knowledge or the experience.Let us learn 2gether,he said 2 me this morning,genuinely happy that I was approved on my plan 4 the BuTrans patch,1ce again,just gotta wait until Monday as this pharmacy does not stock it.I know,another pharmacy will.....not in this case however!It is just the nature of the special authorization I have been granted,only 1 place can fill it.Pain levels have surpassed all previous heights,but somehow I am able 2 cope in 1 way or another,eating,still getting hungry,Smoking the green definitely distracting.Any little thing is all right,I love when those big black squirrels come across the sidewalk!That's good 4 at least 10 minutes,man!Everything has a purpose,happens 4 a reason,it's all part of God's plan,only He knows when.You are soooo right when you mention paying attention,you could have been so easily killed in that MVA,9/9/10 was the date of mine,but they cleared my spinal pics be 4 releasing me,no significant changes from 8/4/10,when the original MRI was taken.New 1 scheduled for 1/9/13,cannot seem 2 get a budge on that date,even though my new G.P. has indicated the urgency of my condition!It seems not 2 matter 2 these so called specialists,they wanna see the next guy that they MIGHT actually be able 2 help,there is some hope,after all!This is after telling me that I must let them attend 2 me last as I have no hope of recovery.Shut up & wait,I THINK I can help that 1 over there,yeah,bring him in instead!From the crash of/10,I suffered 7 rib fractures,30 centimeter laceration 2 the scalp,I was unconscious for 14 hours from impact,another 24 to become completely lucid again & 3 more days until my release.No 1 has indicated that the crash has ANYTHING 2 do with this disease I am suffering,I was not limping be4 or after the crash.This degeneration has occured since then,coincidental was the car accident!Very slow walking,now,just feel like I'm in the way all the time.Is it gonna feel that way when I go home,2?spinelessinalbertaJustKeepSmilin' :) JesusSaves! P2