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Loss of motor function

Started by Bear1966 on 12/06/2017 1:07am

I have herniated and ruptured discs in my neck 4 and my lower back at least 5 and have had these for low back 20 years and neck about 10 years and lately I get these episodes of total muscle weakness my whole body and I mean weak I can't get out of bed I can't stand up off the couch I can't wiggle my toes and this will last for a couple days to 5 ot 6 my question is could this be a result of a pinched nerve cause I have a very old mattress and I fall asleep sitting on the couch watching TV but I travel alot and sleep in hotels for months at a time and this doesn't happen but when I'm home so can someone offer any advice please or is this going to get worse??

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Hi, Bear1966--this is a great question! We aren't medical professionals, so we aren't able to say whether a pinched nerve is causing your weakness. Our recommendation would be to talk to a neurologist about your weakness. Weakness is a neurologic--or nerve-related--symptom, and neurologists are best trained to identify and treat this type of pain. If you need help finding a good specialist near you, our doctor finder can help: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... .

Even if your weakness isn't directly related to your mattress, it might be time to consider getting a new one. Our mattress buying guide can help you pick the best one for your back: ( 5 Mattress Buying Tips to Reduce Back Pain and Improve Sleep ).

We know this information doesn't answer your question, but we hope it helps and wish you the best!