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Newbie 2 weeks post ACDF C4 thru C6

Started by head2toe on 08/13/2018 10:36am

Hello everybody. I'm new to spinal surgery although I have had multiple bone / joint conditions & surgeries other than spinal. I will go to my 2 week post-op tomorrow & concerned I have messed something up from the surgery. I'm having severe burning pain just to the right of my surgery site in my back. I'm also upset because I came home from the hospital with a scrip for 1 wk. 10 mg oxycodone. This works really well & I was just starting to have more time lapse between doses. I called in & asked the PA for a refill & told a 1 week supply was sent to my pharmacy. It was half strength, 5mg , so ive been suffering since.

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That is ridiculous you are getting "Nothing" to combat your pain. My surgeon was exactly the same as soon as the surgery is complete he went from being my best friend to wanting nothing to do with me as I was a potential addiction/overdose patient. Due to the horrible epidemic of overdosing (nobody dies taking oxycodone as prescribed) where people shoot up massive amounts of oxy and heroin people like us ( who have incredible pain from a plate being attached to our spine) suffer tremendously as we truly NEED pain medication.

Honestly, you may need to seek out a pain management doctor to get you thru this recovery period.