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L5-S1 microdisectomy

Started by Feenie57 on 04/13/2019 11:13pm

I went into have surgery due to increase pain in left hip to left foot. Could not walk without using a cane. I had 3 separate lumbar spine injections which DID NOT WORK. On March 11 2019 I had my surgery however, after the surgery my pain increased 100%. I was given another MRI 2 days later which showed a recurring disc bulge pressing on my sciatica. Again I had surgery on March 23rd through same surgical site.. I've been home since March 26th. Now my numbness has increased. 4 toes left side of foot (top and bottom) and left side of calf are numb unable to bare full weight on left leg. Has anyone had to have 2 surgeries to try repair nerve sciatica in the past? What was the outcome?
Thanks do much, Sharon from Vancouver, Canada.

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