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From back pain to i cant walk 100 yrds and my legs and feet hurt so bad im crying ,,and worried that i may not be able to walk soon

Started by Jinxx on 01/26/2019 10:30pm

Somebody plz help me im losing my legs and i dont know if im missing something or what to do next . Its taking a mental toll that would probably would have finished off most ppl , but i dont think i can do this any more . I went from having a common proceedure in 2013 to i cant walk

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Hi. Hang in there. It does take a long time to recover from back pain and injury. I have been going to a Chiropractor 2 times a week at first since February of last year. The pain was unbearable at times. I cried a lot. At one point I was even going to an Acupuncture Pain Management Dr. . I went there until I felt I had to learn to cope with the pain, and of course the money cost. Finally, no more. In November I had an injection of stem cells into the L5 area of my back. Still waiting for positive healing signs. Still using a cane to creep around the house and of course we need to eat so I grocery shop every 2 weeks. my recovery from a shopping tour is 3 days. I stretch, as much as my body lets me. I do a few Yoga stretches and I use hand weights (while laying across the end of my bed) for stretching out my spine. All of these do seem to temporarily help but the pain I have, mimics sciatica, in the right thigh and knee area. I did have 2 numb toes and I had to drag my foot to walk. That part is better now. I still have little ability to lift my right leg more than an inch, but that is an inch more than I could before. It's very hard to even dress myself. But it gets better. Cat's Claw and White Willow are Natural painkillers. Also I use Ibuprofen. I know it's hard to focus when your world revolves around pain. But you have to endure some of that pain to push through the exercises and they do hurt! Just add a few more each day as a challenge to yourself. Your own competition with yourself. That's what I've been trying to do. I pray on the subject too! Daily.