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Severe Neural foraminal narrowing

Started by Usafveteran on 08/13/2016 9:55am

I was in a rear ended car accident a year ago I have had pain ever since that day. I was told I have severe neural forminal narrowing on the right side and moderate on the the left. It has gotten much worse over time, to the point that you can't even touch my neck between c5-c7. I keep being told it is because of my age. I was 54. I never had a problem before the car accident. What do I do. The pain is becoming unbearable now. Any help would be great n

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I'm sorry to hear that you are having so much pain. What kind of doctors have you seen? If it were me, I would see a highly rated neurologist or physiatrist (pain management and rehab doc) and insist on an MRI. Regular X-rays will not show the damage that you probably have. This kind of pain a year after a car accident is not a coincidence or because of age!! If you can't get pain relief, get another opinion or opinions! Let us know how it goes! Good luck!


I had a work injury in 2003 hurt my neck and got whip lash. I have had 6 MRI's all showing a injury . still have to reopen a lawsuit against my employer that said I was born that way. Since I had no MRI's before my injury I couldn't prove it. Pain management and a neurosurgeon will be your ticket