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C6 Issues

Started by C6todd on 06/01/2021 9:38am

Experienced some bad chiropractor treatment, now neck muscles tight, deltoid hurts, some times radiates to forearm and tingling in hands and slight numbness and maybe feeling of weakness in hands. But these all seem like symptoms more or less. In process of trying to diagnose issue was massaging neck around vertebrae’s when came to C6 I felt it move and crack was surprised and shocked. Anyways continued to look into further, placing my left finger on left side of c6 vertebrae and right finger on right side of vertebrae and palpate again and still to shock and wonder the c6 vertebrae is loose and easily shifts left to right and cracks as do. Why is this???

Went to er and they did X-rays and cat scan with dye but they said they did not see anything wrong. What’s going on? Why they did not do a MRI puzzles me which suppose would have covered all 3 in one

Please help

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