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In pain. Please help

Started by Sans on 06/19/2017 4:21pm

Hi everyone, first time on this site. I have fallen victim to the new CDC and DEA prescribing guidelines regarding opiates. I have been off of meds for a month. I am now bed ridden. I can walk with forearm crutches. New pain that I have never had before. My spondolythesis was diagnosed in 2001. Had the surgery when they graft bone for. Hip and use it to fuse my Lumbar region to my scrum. That surgery failed. My L4 was approx. Grade 3. By the time I had the full fusion with rods and screws my L4 had completely rotated out of alignment with spinal cord scarring and nerve impigment. I was very near paralysis according to My neurosurgeon. Actually he told me at that time I cod have the second surgery or he could just measure my butt for a wheely chair. OK so that's my story now my predicament. I am usually very active and every year I run a 5k. It's just my thing that gets me out of bed and wEds off the depression and self pity. I have been taking pain meds for many years. Yes they were my saving grace. Now I have nothing except OCT ibuprofen. I lay in bed all day and am forced to use forearm crutches in order to walk. Fell in the shower 3 Days ago, not fun. I am decompensating very quickly. advice. Think I thinking
about an interthecal pain pump. Please help.

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The above post is mine. Made a few errors sorry. OCT was supposed to be for. Ward of depression And I am thinking about a pain pump.


Hi, Sans--thank you for taking the time to post. We are so sorry to read about your pain and mobility issues.

In case you haven't seen it, we'd like to share an informational article with you about spinal pumps written by one of our Editorial Board members ( Spinal Pumps and Spinal Cord Stimulators ). We hope you find it helpful as you consider pursuing this treatment.

We wish you the very best!


Thank you for your reply and the information. Just finished reading the link article. I am still confused about the activity level that can be pursued with the pain pump. I have a Drs appointment today. I hope I find some definitive answers to my questions. Side note today I called the White House Comment line. Advocated for chronic pain patients, for us not to be lumped into the same category as street user addicts. I encourage everyone who reads this note to do the same. Number can be easily found on the web or by calling information. All my best to my CP friends on this site. I hope my appointment goes well today.


White House Comment Line is. 202 456 1111
Please call and advocate for lifting opiate restrictions on Chronic Pain Patients. ☺ we may be dependent but we are not addicts.