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Spinal stenosis

Started by Jillybien on 10/28/2018 12:32pm

Im need help to understand this my reading. Is like this: T1,T2. GRE,T2 FSE and. STIR sagittal thin sections with T2 GRE and FSE axial sections levels. facet arthropathy C2-3 with 2mm of translation on flexion-extension. Moderate disc deneration at each level C6-7 throughC3-4 narrowing C3-4 through C6-7,T2-3
Small central protrusion T2-3 minally at T3-4 and novisual upper thoric centrol stenosis mild upper thoracic facet arthrosis.C5-6 bulging and osteophyticfidging produce mild to moderate central stenosis witheffacement of subarachnoid space, slight ventral cord flattening. severe elongate left greater thanright foraminal stenosis with mild right facet arthrosis. Small right paracentral caudally displaceddischerniation with trace retrolisthesis, mild osteophytic ridging produce mild to moderate cebtral stenosis with vental cord. Impingement. Severe chronic bilateral foraminal stenosis, elongate on the left, with ucinate spurring. No. Significant facet arthropathy. c3-4 mild central stenosis without cord impingement. Bilateral unicinate. Spurring. Withallthis i have sergury scheduled for end of nov.whatdoes this all mean.im confused dont understand medicalwords and hoping someone could. Explain. To me what this all means and when i have surgery
How long before recovery. Im serious about all ive written i need some help understanding this.

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