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Started by Eyob gebre on 11/26/2016 4:56am

Hello guys I'm Eyob and 19 years old from Ethiopia which is found in east Africa and I had 6 and half hours spinal fusion surgery before three years ago by the help of one American doctor Dr. Rick Hodes who saved thousands of life in Ethiopia .

here I'm a new member and I'm so happy to have you guys and I want to discuss with you about the discrimination that comes from my society , you know they are just watching me like a monster and they are teasing me a lot and trying to demoralize me even my government do not treat me and peoples like me equally .

even if I'm an outstanding student and won a scholarship opportunity to study in south Korea but they refused to give me , insulted me and treating me unfairly ,

guys I don't have any parents that I can discuss so please just tell me what you think and try to share me your opinions.
Thank you!

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