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Stimulator Issues

Started by Shannab on 12/28/2017 8:36pm

I am beyond disappointed, I did the trial and it was great. I love my Dr. and took his advice. Firstly we talk about placement of the battery and leads, and. how me being so thin where to place it. Well he put it in my back next to my spine and let me tell you I am beyond frustrated. I look like Frankensteins bride. It sticks out so bad you can actually see the shape of the battery. I can't sit back in a hard chair because the back of the chair hits the battery and causes a great deal of pain. At.Judes programmed it to where I dont feel the vibration, and my pain is the same, no relief. I have an appt for more programming, I pray it works if not I'll be scarred and looking like I have a box on my back!!! If your thin DO NOT DO IT!!!! If your not thin I still wouldn't suggest it!!!

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Hi, Shannab--We are so sorry to read about your spinal cord stimulator experience. That is incredibly disappointing. Have you expressed all of these issues to your treating physician? Do you have any options to correct these problems?

Let us know how you're going to move forward. We appreciate you sharing your experience with our Community, so hopefully others in your position can learn from your experience.