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T10-S1 fusion

Started by ftpanelli on 12/21/2010 5:07pm

Has anyone had a fusion of this size that will tell me about their experience?

I have Thoraco-Lumbar Scoliosis with T4-T10 curve measuring 30 degrees and T10-L4 measuring 45 degrees. There is disc desiccation, loss of disc heights, retrolisthesis, disc bulging, annular bulging, broad based annular bulging hernation, arthritis,etc.

I have put off surgery as long as possible, and have slowly given up many of them.
many activities in my life along the way, while dealing with increasing pain and limitations.
I am still fairly active and on the worst day it takes me 25 mins to get out of bed and on the best day I can do a light gym workout. Oh I am 47 yo, healthy other than this, and fairly strong.

As i put off the surgery and deterioration continues the size of the surgery required grows larger.
Just a few months ago, I found out that I had passed the window for a lumbar fusion as the deterioration my spine moved upward. If I was to opt for it now (in the hopes of staving off a larger surgery later) I need 10-S1 (at least). As it deteriorates further (probably
within the year I will need T3-S1....

What to do? Keep plugging along until the pain is just too great and do the entire spine then, or make a decision to do a 'smaller' surgery now in hopes of preserving some part of my upper spine fusion free?

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I didn't know I had a twin, as far as the back issues, (mine is T11-S1) age (Im 49) and health. You may be a bit more healthier, I smoke-but am currently on Chantix, QUITTING!

I am having my surgery done in June, I do not want to be too old to go thru a big surgery. I want to have this one done and get back to a better life - without all this pain...

Thanks for sharing...


Hello to you all!
I am nearly one year post op from my spinal fusion, and my back is great! still no pain and it is a miracle as i lived with chronic pain for about 25 years!! I am really comfortable with the fusion by now and any movements that needed adjusting (picking stuff up off the floor, getting out of bed, etc) have pretty much become 2nd nature now. Currently I am having bad problems with one hip so actually the hip is my limiting factor, not my back. Before my hip started getting worse I was walking up to 10 miles, working out at the gym, cycling etc. Anyway, that’s my update for now! God bless!


Hi my name is brenda and i'm new to this site. I am almost 40 years old. Diagnosed with a backwards S shaped curve in my spine. I am considering spinal fusion from T down to S1 to straighten the curves, I also have disc degeneration, stenosis, arthritis and 3 bulging disc. My T spine is flat not rounded like normal spines, I have a bump at T12. I have severe pain in my lower back, left leg with tingling and numbness, severe pain usually aroun 7 or 8 at night, sometimes when I first get up its 3-4. I am also having prominent bulging out the upper back for the right curve and left side for left curve. I have had a nerve block which didn't work, A laminectomy of the L5-S1 in 2010. Worked for about a year. Now I am considering a more permanent solution. Have surgical consult on August 14th. Has anyone else out there had this procedure done. My C spine and lower S spine will not be touched. Last I knew my curves were at 35 upper and 37 lower. But haven't had measurement in at least 3 years.


Hi! I have been told by my neurosurgeon that I need a fusion from L-5 to T-10. Thanks for your postings &
going thru the fusion operation. It means a lot to me! My surgery is not scheduled yet. I have a few more questions, like will there be 2 surgeries or 1?

Hang in there & keep maintaining your back & body!



I would like to hear more about your surgery, recovery, current mobility and pain level.
I have taken every course of action and am deteriorating. I have to make a decision to make the best of it or have surgery to fuse T11-S1.


I had a fall that caused my scoliosis. I fell on Friday and went to the emergency room three times before they did a ct scan and found out my disc from t10 down to s1 was bone on bone. I went to a spesalist neurosurgeon in New Orleans at a training school. I was 70 for the first surgery. Than I wrecked my car a few years ago and broke the top part of the left rod. The same dr went in to fix that and went up higher with rods to t4. That surgery was a year ago in July. They let me stay an week both times for physical therapy. I have scars from my tail bone up to the back of my neck. YES it is was very painful and I guess I got use to all the pain. I will tell you more later I'm tired of typing. I'm sorry I get restless very easy.