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Spinal compression fracture

Started by Lucutter1 on 04/17/2011 2:12pm

I was injured on Oct 6, 2010. After 4 trip to the ER and also seeing my family doctor, an X-ray of lower-back, CT scan of lower back, MRI of lower-back, all scan showed nothing wrong, the diagnosis was a lower back injury. The symptoms were severe burning on the thoracic spine area, muscle tightening and severe pain of entire back, leg weakness and cold and hot sensations. Not until Feb 18, 2011 when an X-ray of the thoracic spine was done, that an (old) spinal compression fracture of the T-10 vertebrae was found. I have been receiving Physio therapy since November, As well as taking anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and t-3s. The pain has not left, and the weakness and numbness is still happening in my legs. Was this a normal standard of procedure used by Canadian hospitals or should they have done something other and been able to determine the fracture earlier? What is my best method of solving my illness now? Are there procedures to cure my problem?

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Hi Lucutter1, I am sorry to hear that the Canadian medical system let you down, I also live in Canada (alberta) I recieved very good medical help when I had my accident in 2004 I shattered my L1 and fractured my T12 I now have a permanent titanium cage with bone graft from my L2 to my T12. I have read a lot of these stories on spine universe and I often think our Dr's here in Canada think and act so different than the Dr's in the United States. It seems the Dr's down there give a lot of wrong diagnosis and are eager to operate as a first resort but in Canada surgery is always a last resort. I am curious how you are doing and what was done for you medically since they discovered your fractured T10. Your question about what you could do... I am not sure where you live but there is a lady here that helped me with water therapy she was sooooo awesome highly recommend her!! take care Kim