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I thought that I would make my mark on the world. Didn't realize it was all going to stop at 51 I'm terrified. Unemployed

Started by Aoprabreaux on 06/11/2018 3:48am

Hi I'm a 51 year old female who was diagnosed with cervical stenosis in 2015 . I lost my job been unable to find one since. That's another story. Right now I need help period when I had insurance I was able to get a second opinion, but, I didn't. I don't know maybe I thought I really wasn't going to get the surgery after all. But, these symptoms are episodic. There was about a month where I couldn't stand on my leg for 5 minutes because of sciatic pain was so bad I basically live in my bed for a month. I have been seen my neurosurgeon for as long as I was diagnosed and he was giving me pain medication tell me. Because, I can't be productive without everyday I wake up I feel like my back is broken in half my lower back. I realize now that this is serious. My doctors told me if I not get this surgery anterior cervical decompression Fusion laminectomy corpectomy anterior and posterior that basically I will go paralyzed. My father tells me it's just a surgeon he wants to cut its hereditary. Well, I love my father anyway, I digress to make a long story short I am terrified terrified. I am all alone I have a husband no children I live in a place that I don't have any connection to. No friends was believe my way out of the job by employees as well as management and human resources treated in a way that I never thought I'd be treated in my life. I was a cheerleader I ran track I like roller coasters snow skiing I was very athletic. I'm only 51 I just want to know what's going to happen. Now that my doctor has not really dropped me, but, transferred me to pain management I feel like I have been abandoned. Who would I call if my back goes out again I'm starting to realize that this is for real I'm now having issues buttoning my shirt my hands have a different kind of feel to them I actually was touching the carpet it felt like glass . Things are starting to feel a little different is how I can explain it numbness tingling back pain I have an implanted actually on my left side than actually deflated . I don't know if that has anything to do with it . But I know that these nerve roots they Branch out and I was just thinking well if it's going to affect my diaphragm could it do something to my breast. I don't know . I also noticed my elbow on my right side is concave . So I'm scared and I have nowhere to turn I am not expecting you to direct me I will not hold you responsible I just would like to know what my MRI means what is your honest opinion that I should do because being frozen in fear is no way to live anything you could say would be helpful . Like I said I'm thinking of clinical trials it got to have something that's less evasive than this you would think that there be something I could get into stem cell research I just think that this is a horrible way to go the doctor wants to do C3 to C7 removal put in it cadaver bone and then put 8 titanium screws and rods in my neck . And he doesn't act like it's a big deal . I didn't get a second opinion I mate for life LOL. I don't make friends easily. But, when I do I do for life. Very particular supposedly the best surgeon of what I heard. But, he lets him charms work on have patience. And my case is completely looking for my MRI it's scary. My my step mom passed away it's when everything stopped I never thought that I would be left alone.. to make decisions by myself. I only found out to be resident that where the problems are my neck I could stop breathing these are the things I need to know I have Googled and I tried to find out what each and everything means but I can't find it anywhere spine cervical without contrast M48:02 Technique IV contrast: none Sagittal T1 Sagetal t2, Sagittal STIR, axial T1 axial t2-weighted images of the cervical spine. Reference exams 12 7 2015 MRI cervical spine 5/8/2018 Findings: MRI cervical spine visualize skull bases intact. Reversal of the normal cervical lordosis with Apex at C5 C2 to C3 no significant spinal canal narrowing. Mild facet hypertrophy. Mild right neural foraminal narrowing C3 C4 grade 1 interior spondylolisthesis. Right side hypertrophy. Mild spinal canal narrowing. Moderate right neural foraminal narrowing. C4 C5 grade 1 anterior spondylothesis. Mild moderate asymmetric disc osteophyte complex, larger on the right, deforming the ventral right spinal cord. Moderate severe right neural foraminal narrowing period relating primarily to uncinate hypertrophy. C5- C6 grade 1 retrolisthesis.. mild moderate broad-based disc stripe complex effacement of the thecal sac and compression of the spinal cord. Mild moderate right neural foraminal narrowing. moderate severe left neural foraminal narrowing. bilateral uncinate hypertrophy. C6 C7 grade 1 retrolisthesis. Mild broad-based disc osteophyte complex, abutting the ventral spinal cord. Moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. C7- T1 no significant spinal canal narrowing no significant neural foraminal narrowing Findings there is a reversal of the normal cervical curvature similar to the prior exam. 2 mm anterolisthesis of c3 on c4, 3mm anterolisthesis of c3 on c5, and 4mm retrolothesis of c5 on c6 all appears similar compared to the prior MRI. Associated Vance disc space narrowing at C5 C6 and C6 C7 with moderate disc space narrowing present at C4 C5 are also unchanged. Flexi on an extension views are included. Demonstrating no abnormal motion the dens and lateral masses are intact and normally align soft tissues are normal .

I lost my job because of this diagnosis. I asked for an accommodation from a job that I recently got they took me off the schedule for 4 months then got my doctor's records which they my job demanded medical information because of a accommodation that was asked for. Anyway I used to work at Cigna insurance and the system failed me I always believe in the Mind Body Connection I believe in holistic medicine now I don't know what I believe I'm scared straight. No that's wrong. I'm scared reversal LOL. Of the normal cervical lordosis. I'm trying to keep my spirits up. Sorry about no punctuation and horrible run-on sentence I'm using my microphone. Too lazy to type on a small cell phone I can barely feel.

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