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Posted in: Spinal fractures.

Failed Kyphoplasty

Started by lollyikens on 12/13/2012 6:30am

Three years ago I had a collapsed disk fracture, terrible pain had to go to emergency. I had a kyphoplasty on the L5 lumbar.disk fracture. The procedure reduced the awful unberable pain but there continued to be pain in the lower back when standing too long. After seeing doctor I was told that the kyphoplasty did not take as it should. The MRI showed that one side had less cement than the other side. There was still cement but it did not look the same as an xray that was performed after the procedure. Was told that there was nothing that could be done. So now I am still having the lower back pain when I stand, walk, do light housework etc.
To add to this problem I have spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, sciatica and discomfort in my lower legs. It was recommende to have spinal fusion and lamenectomy but I refused after hearing and reading horror stories. I am not an aggresive person so I just continued to suffer with my condition because I do not want that surgery. I am 75 years old and fear that surgeery would make things worse, I am not an expert but it is just a gut feeling that I should not do this. Anyhow I was wondering if anyone else on here has had a failed kyphoplasy and what was your experience I would appreciate any input.
Thamks so much.

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