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Iatrogenic Scoliosis in a Former Rock Guitarist

Presented by: N. Anand MD
A 68-year-old female ex-rock guitarist presented with a 5-year history of excruciating back pain that gets even worse with any activity. She says her pain is constant—24 hours a day

90% Leg Pain vs. 10% Low Back Pain: Refuses Fusion

Presented by: J. Roh MD, MBA, MSc
A 46-year-old female pharmacist presented with a 6-month history of progressively worsening left leg pain and paresthesias. She reports only minor achy low back pain. She describes her pain as 90% left leg pain and 10% low back pain.

Mild Lumbar Scoliosis and Spinal Stenosis

Presented by: T. Koski MD
A 60-year-old woman with a history of longstanding back pain and bilateral extremity pain that both improve with sitting and lying down has had symptoms for more than 3 years. She was found to have lumbar scoliosis and spinal stenosis.

Lumbar Disc Degeneration: 2 Previous Spine Surgeries and Constant Low Back Pain

Presented by: I. Kalfas MD
A 57-year-old, slightly overweight male presented with a 2 year history of progressive low back pain. It was predominantly left sided-pain, and the pain was present at all times. However, it worsens with increased activity.

L3 Pathological Fracture During Softball Game

Presented by: R. Cardona MD, I. Cardona Campos MD
A 76-year-old man suddenly developed severe low back pain while batting at a softball game. He was found to have an L3 compression fracture.

Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH) Causing Dysphagia

Presented by: K. Riew MD
A 60-year-old male presents with progressive dysphagia. He has no neck pain but notes a limitation of his range of motion.

Former Professional Lacrosse Player Presents with Right Arm Pain and Triceps Weakness

No Evidence of Myelopathy
Presented by: T. Albert MD
Spine Case: Former professional lacrosse player in s/p C3-7 laminectomy without fusion (10 years prior) and C5-6 ACDF (5 years prior) for myelopathy presents with right arm pain and severe right triceps weakness. Vote on your preferred treatment.

Sciatica Sidelines a College Athlete

Presented by: T. Zdeblick MD
The patient is a 21-year-old female college varsity athlete who presents with a 4 month history of sciatica.

Left C5-C6 Foraminal Disc Herniation

Presented by: R. Fessler MD, PhD
The patient is a male over 60 years of age, who reports that he had an episode of extremely severe right arm and hand pain beginning approximately 3 months ago. That pain was initially treated with a collar and pain medication but, with no relief. Epidural injections were then attempted and did provide temporary pain relief.

TLIF with Unilateral Pedicle Screws and Aspen™ Spinous Process Fixation System

Presented by: M. Shah MD

The patient is a 59-year-old female who is an avid golfer. She complains of low back pain and right buttock pain that radiates into the lateral aspect of her shin.

Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion for Degenerative Disc Disease and Degenerative Scoliosis

Presented by: R. Chua MD, FACS

A 63-year-old female presents with low back pain and bilateral leg pain approximately 18-months after a motor vehicle accident. Her back pain is worse that her leg pain. Pain limits her activity.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Lower Extremity Pain in a 77-year-old Male

Presented by: C. Branch Jr., MD

The patient is a 77-year-old Caucasian male. He underwent recent elective quadruple coronary artery bypass graft 12 months prior with good recovery. He complains of bilateral buttock pain that radiates through his thighs and calves. Pain is exacerbated by standing and ambulation. He is unable to walk for more than 10 minutes or 2 to 3 blocks due to pain.

Adjacent Level Degeneration: Lumbar Disc Degeneration Adjacent to Previous Fusion

Presented by: R. Watkins, IV MD

In 2000, this 62-year-old retiree underwent successful L4-L5 anterior posterior fusion. She now presents with progressively worsening back and bilateral leg pain.

MIS Treatment of Spondylolisthesis

Presented by: C. Barry MD

The patient is a 61-year-old male with a 3-year history of progressive severe low back pain and pain in both legs. His back pain is mechanical in nature; 60% back and 40% leg pain. He has a 6-month history of right lower extremity weakness.

Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion using the Aspen™ Device

Presented by: A. Vokshoor MD

The patient is a 63-year-old active male who enjoys hiking, fishing and golf. He presents with lower back pain that radiates down the anterolateral thigh just to the knee; pain is mostly right-sided. Although he reports having back pain the past 1.5 years, pain has progressively worsened the last 4 months.


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