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Adolescent High-Grade Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

Presented by: P. Louie MD, H. An MD
A 14-year-old healthy, high-level gymnast who presented with 1-year history of insidious low back pain, with recent (past few months) onset of pain and tingling down her left leg to the dorsum of the left foot.

Worsening Right Greater Than Left Leg Paresthesia

Presented by: C. Hemmer DNP, ANP, T. Piper MD
A 64-year-old male presented to our office with complaints of right greater than left leg pain and numbness/tingling. He states that when he walks his symptoms are worse, but always has some degree of right buttock/ hip/ leg discomfort.

Large Partially Calcified Thoracic Disc Herniation

Presented by: M. Perez-Cruet MD
A 48-year-old female with obesity presents with severe right leg pain and paraparesis. Imaging of the thoracic spine reveals a large partly calcified right-sided T10-T11disc herniation with marked spinal cord compression.

Discitis and Osteomyelitis in a 63-Year-old Male

Presented by: C. Kim MD, PhD
During the course of treatment, this 63-year-old man developed severe low back pain, recurrent fevers, and intermittent bacteremia.

High-speed Motor Vehicle Accident: 24-Year-Old

On Behalf of The Spine Trauma Study Group
Presented by: A. Vaccaro MD, PhD, D. Anderson MD
The patient is a 24-year-old woman, who was a rear passenger (properly restrained) in a high-speed motor vehicle accident.

Spinal Stenosis – Unresponsive to Nonoperative Treatment

Presented by: J. Highsmith MD
A 65-year old male with multiple medical problems reports a long history of low back and leg pain with difficulty walking upright, especially during the last several months.

15-Year-Old Male Football Player with Severe Neck Pain After Spear Tackle

Presented by: T. Albert MD
The patient is a 15-year-old male football player who presents with severe neck pain after a spear tackle.

Unusual Case of Spinal Deformity: Post Herpetic Scoliosis

Presented by: D. Cruz , T. Errico MD
The patient is a 72-year-old female presenting with approximately 1.5 years of progressive coronal and sagittal deformity following an episode of Herpes Zoster. Less than 2 years prior to presentation, she experienced a characteristic rash distributed to the left gluteal and sacral regions.

Minimally Invasive Resection of an Intradural Spinal Tumor

Presented by: J. Ammerman MD, J. Wind MD, T. Kosztowski MD
A 38-year-old female presents with one-year history of left leg pain radiating from her buttock into the lateral aspect of the foot.

Severe Sciatica with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Cyst

Presented by: J. Aferzon MS, MD
The patient is a 57-year-old male who presented with long-standing bilateral claudication and more recent severe, left-side sciatica. He has some back pain, but the leg pain is much worse.

Cervical Spondylolisthesis and Stenosis With Myelopathy

Presented by: K. Than MD
A 53-year-old man presented to the emergency room with a chief complaint of progressive weakness over the past few months, with inability to control his lower extremities. A few months previous, he fell in a bathtub and lost consciousness.

Charcot Joint in a Paraplegic

Presented by: L. Sekhon MD, PhD, FAANS, FRACS, FACS
This 48-year-old man had been a complete T10 paraplegic, wheelchair bound since age 22. At the initial time of injury he had no surgery. Ten years prior to presentation in our clinic, the patient had undergone an L4-L5 and L5-S1 PLIF elsewhere, apparently for low back pain.

Lumbar Sagittal Balance Restoration: Less Invasive?

Presented by: J. Ammerman MD, J. Wind MD, J. Babrowicz MD
A 68-year-old female presents with standing intolerance, neurogenic claudication and back pain. Her past medical history includes coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and atrial fibrillation.

T10, T11 Osteomyelitis

75-year-old female presents with significant medical history and prior spine surgery
Presented by: J. Aferzon MS, MD
The patient is a 75-year-old female with a 6 month history of progressive mid back pain. Her medical history is extensive and includes a previous instrumented spine surgery. This case includes a video.

Severe Lumbar Spinal Stenosis with Spondylolisthesis

Does fusion result in a better outcome than laminectomy alone for lumbar spinal stenosis with spondylolisthesis?
Presented by: J. Ammerman MD, J. Wind MD, M. Ammerman MD
The patient presents with progressive back pain and is adopting a forward flexed posture. Does fusion result in a better outcome than laminectomy alone for lumbar spinal stenosis with spondylolisthesis?

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