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Myelopathy Secondary to C5-C7 Cervical Synovial Cyst

Presented by: D. Possley DO, MS, D. Park MD
A 53-year-old male presented with progressive weakness in his hands and legs that became noticeable 3 months ago, and has progressively worsened.

Severe Sagittal Imbalance Correction

Presented by: A. Daniels MD, D. Reid MD, M. Palumbo MD
A 76-year-old male presented with severe positive sagittal imbalance and neurogenic claudication following a prior L3-S1 decompression and fusion performed by a community neurosurgeon.

Congenital Kyphosis and Difficulty Walking

Presented by: P. Kraemer MD, S. Kishan MD
A 17-year-old male with mild developmental delay has increasing back pain over the last year. He has a long standing deformity, and he and his parents think it has worsened. In the past few months he has begun to have some difficulty with walking quickly.

Conservative Treatment of Rapidly Reducible Disc Pathology and Nerve Root Adherence

Presented by: D. Stover PT, OCS, Cert MDT
The patient is a 16-year-old high school student an athlete that presents with a 2 month history of left buttock and thigh pain.

Severe Back and Left Lower Extremity Pain: Persists Five Years Post Laminectomy

Treatment of fractional curve in the setting of degenerative scoliosis
Presented by: B. Kwon MD

The patient is a 67-year-old female presenting with severe low back and worse left posterior high and lateral leg pain five years after multilevel laminectomy.

Degenerative Disc Disease: Lumbar Interbody Fusion or Artificial Disc?

Presented by: R. Knight MD, MHA
The patient rates her pain as 7/10 and exhibits decreased active lumbar range of motion in all planes. She has not been responsive to epidural and facet injections.

Traumatic Lumbar Bullet Injury

Presented by: K. Verma MCh
The aftermath and treatment of a patient who sustained a traumatic lumbar bullet injury.

Constant, Nonradiating Low Back Pain

Presented by: R. Fessler MD, PhD
Although the patient has reported intermittent low back pain during years past, now her pain has become constant but does not radiate.

New Onset of Low Back Pain

Presented by: R. Knight MD, MHA
The patient is a truck driver who presents with a new onset of low back pain two years after spinal fusion.

Low Back Pain Two Years Post Recurrent Disc Excision

Presented by: R. Knight MD, MHA
Two years ago, the patient underwent L5-S1 recurrent disc excision that provided relief of radicular pain. She now presents with worsening low back pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease at L4-L5 and L5-S1

Presented by: P. Slosar, Jr. MD
The patient, a 44-years-old female and professional water skier, presents with 80% low back pain and 20% leg pain in a L5 distribution.

Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease in a 37-year-old Male

Presented by: R. Fessler MD, PhD
The patient previously underwent lumbar microendoscopic discectomy two years ago and was doing very well until he fell down a flight of stairs.

Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease in a Basketball Player

Presented by: R. Fessler MD, PhD
This young man's chances for a professional career as a basketball player is jeopardized by low back pain.

Clinical Presentation of Significant Disc Bulge

Presented by: D. Stover PT, OCS, Cert MDT
The patient is a 21-year-old male daycare teacher who presents with intermittent right greater than left back pain. His symptoms are aggravated with bending, sitting and rising from a seated position

Leg Pain and Sagittal Imbalance

Presented by: K. Bridwell MD
The patient has subluxations at L3-L4, fixed tilt at L4-L5, and disc degeneration at all lumbar levels. Spinal stenosis is noted at many lumbar levels.

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