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About Our Practice

I have been in the rehabilitation field for over 20 years. With my background as a physical therapist I have a unique perspective on physical evaluation and management. Since 1997 I have been developing expertise in the use of medical acupuncture to augment the management of pain in my practice, with subspecialty of muscular pain syndromes.

I enjoy the challenge of working with each individual patient to assess sources, treatable causes and ways to overcome pain. My approach emphasizes non surgical treatment and patient controlled methods of overcoming physical pain, restrictions, weakness and inability to tolerate exercise. I help to develop workable strategies for each individual patient ranging from elite athletes to those wishing to simply add life to their years with customized exercise programs.

I have learned that in our current medical system it is rare to find coordination of care that addresses the needs of each patient as a whole. Pain, lack of sleep, depression, weakness, and worsening pain becomes a viscious cycle that can be difficult to break. I attempt to determine the sources of pain and work with referring providers to solve these issues and move forward with a proactive rehabilitation strategy that will optimize emotional, physical, and functional well being. My passion is working with people and helping them get achieve their wellness goals.

  • Pain Management
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