Pain Management, Anesthesiologist in Danville, Kentucky (KY)

Khursheed A. Siddiqui MD

Pain Management, Anesthesiologist


  • Central KY Interventional Pain Center
    300 West Broadway
    Danville, Kentucky, 40422 - United States
    Phone: 859-236-0606

About Our Practice

Diplomat, American Board of Pain Medicine

Diplomat, American Academy of Pain Management

Diplomat, American Board of Anesthesiology

I perform the following interventional pain procedures:

Occipital nerve block for occipital neuralgia, Epidural Steroid Injections for indications listed below.

Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection for pain to neck, arms and shoulder, Thoracic Epidural Steroid Injections for pain to chest

Lumbar Interlaminar ESI, Lumbar Transforaminal epidural steroid injections for pain in back and/or to the legs, calf, ankles, and feet, SI joint injection for SI joint disease (sacroilitis), Intra-articular hip injection, Facet Blocks and Median Branch Blocks for facet arthritis, Trigger Point Injections for myofascial pain, Scar infiltration for neuroma, etc..., Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Cervical Facet blocks for cervical facet arthritis pain

We are the only practice in Danville which performs the more effective lumbar transforaminal ESI, cervical facet and intra-articular hip injections.

Indications for epidural steroid injections:

(cervical, thoracic, lumbar, caudal)

Disk degeneration or herniation, Spinal nerve root compression, Spinal nerve root inflammation-traumatic (such as vertebral compression fractures), Spinal nerve inflammation-infectious (such as acute or sub acute herpes zoster as well as poster-herpetic neuralgia), Spinal root inflammation-neoplastic (such as metastasis), Spinal stenosis, Spondylolisthesis (slippage of vertebral body on to one another. We try to get new referrals in within 48 hrs. Friendly, low stress atmosphere.

  • Pain Management
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Board Certified
Area of Focus
  • Degenerative Spine
Hospital Affiliations
  • EMRMC--Danville, KY
  • Central KY Surgery CTR
  • Danville Anesthesia
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