Discharge Instructions for Anterior and Posterior Cervical Fusion with Halo Placement

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These discharge instructions are printed with permission from Todd J. Albert, M.D. of the Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University. Discharge instructions and recommendations may vary per institution, be sure to ask your doctor.

Doctor holding a medical file with a pen1. Check all incisions daily for signs and symptoms of infection. - Increased redness/tenderness - Draining/oozing - Flu-like symptoms - Temperature greater than 101.5

2. You have unlimited walking privileges and going up and down stairs. You may also be a passenger in a car, reclining in the passenger seat is usually easiest.

3. Clean halo pins twice daily with a solution made of 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 saline solution. Use Q-tips to work around pin sites.

4. Call the office if any drainage, increased redness, or abnormal pain should occur around pin sites.

5. You may have someone clean beneath your halo vest. This is very important to keep your skin healthy. This must be done lying down. Unbuckle straps on sides of vest and gently lift the front portion of vest. Clean with soap and water and towel dry chest area. Carefully roll patient onto side and repeat with backside. Roll onto back again and re-buckle straps to the exact number of holes as before.

6. Buckles may be loosened by one hole only if it should become too snug.

7. Your first follow-up visit is in two weeks. At that time, a new x-ray will be checked, your halo will be retrouqued, and your vest be will be changed.

Updated on: 02/23/17
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Christopher P. Silveri, MD, FAAOS
The above "instructions" are general guidelines used to educate patients after certain spinal procedures. Although these specifically relate to the patients at Thomas Jefferson University, they remain useful to our SpineUniverse audience and serve as examples as to what one might expect at other institutions. Please discuss these issues and topics with your treating surgeon as the instructions may vary considerably.
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